Published in Heritage Anthology 2019

It was great to receive the news that my short story The Hat Pin and two of my poems, DNA and Empty Words had been chosen to appear in the University of Gloucestershire's Heritage Anthology.  You can read The Hat Pin here and the two poems can be found on the  Poetry page.

Finding Freedom with David Lemon

It takes a special kind of person to walk 2000 miles in 292 days. That special kind of person is David Lemon. The first person recorded in history to walk the entire length of the Zambezi River.  I talked to David about his incredible journey which he started when he was 67 years old, proving... Continue Reading →

Where there’s a Will there’s a way

My short play 'Jez & Tess' was chosen to be performed (rehearsed reading) at the Stroud Shakespeare Theatre Festival in May this year.  It was a political satire based on Romeo and Juliet - short and sweet, but was really well received and got some great laughs!

Mother’s Gone

My short story, Mother's Gone, was published in Shadows New Writing VI in 2017. The story is about a daughter coming to terms with her Mother’s Dementia. The young woman returns home to find life at home has moved on without her and her arrival threatens the equilibrium the family has created. Here's the story:... Continue Reading →

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