Stroud Short Stories Finalist

I've made it into the top ten of this lovely short story event.  There are no winners. Ten people were chosen out of 119 entries to perform their short story at a live, filmed, event in November and to appear in a printed Anthology. Stroud Short Stories has a national reputation, so I'm thrilled.

The Chaos Project

It was great fun writing an article for satirical newspaper, The Chaos.  My piece was inspired after reading a news item about scientists at the University of Bath who had  grown animal cells on blades of grass, in a step towards cultured meat.  The newspaper will launch at Angouleme's comic festival in France on January... Continue Reading →

Bear comes home for Christmas

When a little boy loses his favourite toy on Christmas Eve, Peggy and Archie come to the rescue.  This is my third book in the 'Peggylicious' series of children's books which sees the beautiful Cocker Spaniel, Peggy and her best friend, a Tibetan Terrier called Archie find the lost teddy bear, giving Spencer a very... Continue Reading →

Lost in the Woods

A beautifully illustrated children's book which teaches children to always tell their parents where they are going.  My second book in the 'Peggylicious' series sees sees Cocker Spaniel, Peggy and Tibetian Terrier, Archie save the day when a group of children go off into the woods on an adventure and get lost.  The book is... Continue Reading →

Published in Heritage Anthology 2019

It was great to receive the news that my short story The Hat Pin and two of my poems, DNA and Empty Words had been chosen to appear in the University of Gloucestershire's Heritage Anthology.  You can read The Hat Pin here and the two poems can be found on the  Poetry page.

Finding Freedom with David Lemon

It takes a special kind of person to walk 2000 miles in 292 days. That special kind of person is David Lemon. The first person recorded in history to walk the entire length of the Zambezi River.  I talked to David about his incredible journey which he started when he was 67 years old, proving... Continue Reading →

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