Where there’s a Will there’s a way

My short play 'Jez & Tess' was chosen to be performed (rehearsed reading) at the Stroud Shakespeare Theatre Festival in May this year.  It was a political satire based on Romeo and Juliet - short and sweet, but was really well received and got some great laughs!

Mother’s Gone

My short story, Mother's Gone, was published in Shadows New Writing VI in 2017. The story is about a daughter coming to terms with her Mother’s Dementia. The young woman returns home to find life at home has moved on without her and her arrival threatens the equilibrium the family has created. Here's the story:... Continue Reading →

Letting Go

Does loving someone mean you have to give up on your own dreams to make that person happy?  Sometimes. But it's never too late to start your own journey - just one step at a time.  This short story was published in Fresh Leaves, an anthology for new writers and won a prize by the... Continue Reading →

It’s only hair….

My first grey hair appeared in 1982, when I was 20 years old. It was my boyfriend Sean’s fault. I thought I loved him, he was tall, blonde, wore a scuffed-up leather jacket and had a motorbike. We worked for the same company in Birmingham and had made plans to leave and live in London... Continue Reading →

Just do it!

“I’ll always regret never having done anything with my life,” said Mum as we walked across the park.  It was nearly 30 years ago but I’ll never forget our conversation.  It had been lightly snowing and we were wrapped up, walking arm in arm, taking a stroll after Sunday lunch. “You don’t realise,” she said. ... Continue Reading →

Shortlisted for poetry competition

I received a lovely email this morning from Olive O'Brien from Creative Writing Ink to say that my poem had been shortlisted for their monthly competition. This is the first poetry competition I've entered so I was thrilled to receive the news.  I wrote the poem after spending the afternoon with my father who was... Continue Reading →

A little flash just for you

It was a night to remember, Smokey Joe's was full to the rafters, the wine was flowing, the atmosphere was relaxed, the press photographers were poised.... it was the launch of the 2017 Cheltenham Poetry Festival! D.D. Johnston and Tyler Keevil, authors and senior tutors at the University of Gloucestershire kicked off the event with readings... Continue Reading →

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