Page20_21_walkPeggylicious is my real passion.  I developed the Peggylicious brand of children’s books back in 2011 when I published ‘Coming Home’,  the first book in the series.  The books are about two dogs who help children in trouble.  Of course the main character is my own lovely Peggy who meets up with Archie, a Tibetan Terrier and together, they form The Do Good Dog Clan.

I’ve now written 4 books, with the 4th due out in 2015.  The books are written in rhyme to help children with their reading development and are all beautifully illustrated by Elinor Geller.  They are great to read out loud to young children and most suitable for 3 to 5 year olds.

The second book, Lost in the woods, details how Peggy and Archie find some lost children and highlights the importance of telling parents where you are going. The fourth book is all about starting school for the first time and the doggy duo help Lizzie Anne find her feet on her first day at big school.

The books can be ordered from any bookstore in the UK and can be found on Amazon and 

They can also be ordered from the Peggylicious website, along with other Peggylicious goodies!

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