My first year at Uni

In September 2016 I decided to go to University.  Just like that.  I woke up and decided my life needed new direction, my brain needed stimulation – I needed a change.  I’d been working as a freelance copywriter and supporting businesses with marketing communications for more than 20 years and the view from my kitchen table was becoming a little jaded.  I love my dogs, but having them as my only sounding board was wearing a little thin – I needed inspiration, I needed to mix with like minded people, I needed to get off my backside and make change happen.

Uni student2So I signed up to take a degree in Creative Writing at the University of Gloucestershire.  I applied through clearing the week before term started, so I missed the open days, the introduction to University life talks and the opportunity to change my mind!  A week later I sat in my first Lecture.  Yes at times it’s been hard. I’ve had to keep working as a freelance to pay the bills as well as study full time which has meant early mornings and late nights, but it’s worth it.  I’m learning how to write poetry, to write plays (my favourite!) and how to write short stories, properly – not the cavalier attempts I’d tried before.  And I love it!

So the first year is over.  I’ve met some lovely people – I’m fortunate that there are some ‘oldies’ in my year – but most of the younger students have all been really open and friendly and it’s been great getting to know them.  I’ve had two pieces accepted for the University’s annual Anthology, performed my flash fiction at the launch of the Cheltenham Poetry Festival and second term assignments have been uploaded.  So now it’s time to kick back a little, concentrate on some ‘paid’ work and read, read, read!


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